What do you get when you order Herpoveda?

As you already know, Herpoveda is a comprehensive program for herpes based on Ayurveda. It consists of more than 80 natural herbs bundled together in various classical formulations to form 5 different products. These 5 products together form Herpoveda. So, when you order the Herpoveda Kit you get these five products. Now let us what these 5 products are:-

Mahamanjisthadi Kwath Herbal Tea

It consists of more than 30 herbs combined together in a fixed ratio as per Ayurvedic texts. It is a very good herb for detox and skincare. It purifies the entire body. To know more about Mahamanjisthadi Kwath & its ingredients, you should read this article about it.

Mahatiktakam Kwath Tablets :-

These are basically herbal tablets that are made by combining more than 28 different herbs as per the guidance of Ayurveda. It is very strong detoxifier and it cleans out all the toxins accumulated inside your stomach and intestines. To know more read this article about Mahatiktakam Kashyam.

Triphala Powder :-

This powder is made from India Gooseberry, Terminalia Chebula & Terminalia belliricia. All these herbs are superfoods and powerful medicines in their own right, but together they form a lethal coalition against any disease. It works on a variety of diseases and has so many benefits that it’s hard to list them down. You can read more about its benefits in the article about Triphala Powder.

Giloy Tablets :-

These tablets are made from Pure Wild Giloy. Giloy or Tinospora Cordifolia is an exceptional immune booster. There is no other herb on this planet with the same immune boosting capacity. None. That is why we have given it a special place. To know more about you should read this article about benefits of Giloy

Neem Powder :-

This is another powder that you have to take apart from Triphala. It is made from the barks of Neem. Neem or Azadirachta Indica is one of the most beneficial herbs against herpes. You can find a lot of links in our research section related to work on this plant against herpes. It heals herpes outbreaks and blisters pretty quickly and has a soothing effect. It has a very good effect in stress also and overall is great for the body. You can read a lot more about it here in the article about benefits of Neem.

So, as you can see here, these are the 5 products of the Herpoveda Regime. As mentioned earlier, more than 80 herbs are combined together to form these 5 final products. So basically you are getting the goodness of all these 80 herbs in Herpoveda.

All the herbal medicines are prepared by certified professional at our center. They strictly follow the Ayurvedic Protocol while preparing these herbal medicines. We ensure that 100% Hygienic Standards are maintained.

Herpoveda has such a great impact on people’s health that they feel many benefits and changes in their body.  Not only herpes, but insomnia, digestion problems, weakness, skin diseases etc also have been healed. Patients are pleasantly surprised and they write to us how glad they are.

Anybody who orders Herpoveda, gets these five products. These  5 products together form the Herpoveda Kit. This is the most powerful combination you can use against herpes. If you don’t want to purchase the entire program, you can purchase the individual products as well from our website.

Please Note: – We do keep updating the Herpoveda Package based on our study and experiences. We keep adding few new herbs every year and we remove something that has not been as effective as we expected. Our goal is to keep making Herpoveda better & better every year because the herpes viruses and other viruses are also getting stronger day by day by mutations. In order to beat them, we got to stay one step ahead of them.