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23 reviews for Neem Powder

  1. Rose Neveah

    Though it is severely bitter, still holds significant anti-herpetic values. I am using it to defeat the Herpes virus for the rest of my life. I have a strong feeling that I will extirpate the infection through this infection.

  2. Dianna Johnson

    Eeeeewwwww…that’s pretty bitter…yaaawwwkkk…5 stars for its bitterness

  3. Leonardo Pedersen

    I am having it every morning and evening but this has changed the test of My tongue buds. Its nastily bitter..

  4. Margaret sudol

    i saw people are continuously asserting Neem to be extremely bitter. i can tolerate any bitterness of any product even if it is neem but i want to be free from regularly occurring blisters.

  5. Elias

    hvor længe kan jeg sikkert bruge Neem-pulver? Vil det også medføre alvorlig toksisk virkning, hvis jeg fejlagtigt indtager den en stor mængde?

  6. Emmanuel IRETE

    This product of Neem Powder really helped maintain my balance and calmness. It actually helped my cerebrum be clearer and think postitively; I just am not 100% since having anesthesia a number of years ago. I’m delighted to have discovered this product and have ordered my 2nd order for this month.

  7. Arthur Tignor

    The product was very fresh and of excellent was amazing to see the effect such quality Triphala powder does on the body …Really appreciate Herpoveda for such a quality product. Now entire family started taking Triphala water and powder at night before bed time …Please SUSTAIN the quality

  8. Bianca Belrose

    I have studied the following journal which helped me make the right decision for my health. I ordered it 5 months back and got many benefits beyond explanable. I loved your product please keep it up helping people

    The Site is –

  9. Jasmine Dieterich

    I have become a fan of this herbal supplement. This is such a herb everyone should use to cure Herpes forever.

  10. Kendall Baker

    I have issues with Herpes and a very itchy scalp. I use this and it has been working. It also appears that the Herpes virus is capitulating in front of Neem. I will probably order more when I run out. Highly recommend along with Amla powder.

  11. david messer

    Bianca Belrose,
    You are correct there, I too learned the assailing effects of Neem over Herpes infection through your link. I Will definitely try this herb against Herpes Zoster.

  12. Lucy Barry

    herbs are the best god gifted agents that prevent and protect the different ailments even if it AIDS or HSV.

  13. Kenneth Van

    Some have a belief in natural remedy others have faith in modern medical science. To be honest, one thing is apparent all of them hold distinctions. Modern medical science surely prompts quick relief for a shorter period of time and has many side effects. The flipped coin of the side is Natural treatment works slow comparable to allopathic but have long-lasting effect without any toxicity.

  14. Jordan Lewis

    Thank you for sending this wonderful product. Actually, I ordered it to treat my skin-related issue of the genitals but now I also want to use it for Pimples on my face. Can I apply it on my face as a facemask? Thank you very much

    • admin

      It isn’t a bad Idea of you apply it as a facemask. But before applying it please do consult to

  15. Emma

    I am using it as a face mask for glowing and pimple-free skin. Working great for me (:

  16. Lilibeth Cambridge

    I bought it for my Uncle and he has complained that It is very bitter in taste. What should I tell my uncle? Can you help me with that?

    • admin

      You can ask you uncle ingest it with Manuka Honey

  17. alonzo ross

    Je n’aurais pas pu demander plus que ça. Herpoveda a tout ce dont j’ai besoin. Peu importe où vous allez, Herpoveda est le traitement contre l’herpès le plus cool et le plus puissant.

  18. Lena Gallegos

    This Herb seems pretty powerful as I have been taking this medication for 5 months and decreased Herpes viral load to a great extent.

  19. Keith Taylor

    After going behind toxic antivirals I turned to the natural treatment because acyclovir and valacyclovir were not doing anything good for me. I am pretty happy that I got resorted to the natural remedy. It is been 2 and a half months since I am using natural remedies. What I’m noticing that my health is significantly enhanced and feeling healthier than I was before.

  20. Amiyah Ramirez

    Durante casi un mes, estoy tomando esta hierba extremadamente amarga todas las mañanas y noches junto con algunos otros suplementos. Aunque no me gusta comer, lo estoy tomando porque quiero una cura para mi sufrimiento de herpes. Por lo tanto, debo tomarlo

  21. Ariel Scott

    The Taste of Neem is powder is severely bitter, I use to take it with Honey

  22. Mark Ferguson

    This is bitter, can’t take it without Honey. It is bitter but working in Herpes

  23. Cameron Davis

    I really don’t want to tolerate its bitterness. Whenever I take it in my mouth I feel extreme bitterness.

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