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6 reviews for Neem Powder

  1. Rose Neveah

    Though it is severely bitter, still holds significant anti-herpetic values. I am using it to defeat the Herpes virus for the rest of my life. I have a strong feeling that I will extirpate the infection through this infection.

  2. Dianna Johnson

    Eeeeewwwww…that’s pretty bitter…yaaawwwkkk…5 stars for its bitterness

  3. Leonardo Pedersen

    I am having it every morning and evening but this has changed the test of My tongue buds. Its nastily bitter..

  4. Margaret sudol

    i saw people are continuously asserting Neem to be extremely bitter. i can tolerate any bitterness of any product even if it is neem but i want to be free from regularly occurring blisters.

  5. Elias

    hvor længe kan jeg sikkert bruge Neem-pulver? Vil det også medføre alvorlig toksisk virkning, hvis jeg fejlagtigt indtager den en stor mængde?

  6. Emmanuel IRETE

    This product of Neem Powder really helped maintain my balance and calmness. It actually helped my cerebrum be clearer and think postitively; I just am not 100% since having anesthesia a number of years ago. I’m delighted to have discovered this product and have ordered my 2nd order for this month.

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