Mahatiktakam Kwath Tablets

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From: $26.00
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7 reviews for Mahatiktakam Kwath Tablets

  1. Nathan

    Mahatiktham Kwath, I don’t know I spell it right or wrong. Sorry if there is anything wrong. I used it 2 months on the regular basis to help me with skin lesion. It to very extent has healed pain and wounds.

  2. Richard

    Does it really effective against the Herpes virus?

    • admin

      Yeah buddy
      Most of our customers have successfully been treated with our treatment program. Our product consists of some of the powerful herbs that are scientifically verified killing the Herpes virus. Just experience yourself –

  3. Gary Sheppard

    I guess you are dealing with a huge amount of Herpes sufferers so I think you are the correct person to answer my question. I am having both types of Herpes, Should I abstain from sex even In the condition when I don’t have any Overt symptoms? Can I be Involved in intimacy and what if I can cause the transmission to my partner?

    • admin

      Hello Man,
      It is completely okay to get involved in intimacy however there is still a chance to get transfer the infection to your partner without having any symptoms or if you preferring to use the barriers. tell your partner about the risk you are possessing in a positive way. This infection is prevalent as billions of individuals currently have this problem and most of them unaware. SO, there is a very good possibility that your partner carries the same virus you possess but the only difference is you know about your condition but your partner does not know. But still, whatever the condition you are in, you should always tell your partner about the possible risk.

  4. Shatarra Booker

    Can these pills that potent that it can eradicate the Herpes Virus? What are these pills are made of?

    • admin

      Yes, you can effectively use it along with other medications to eradicate sufferings induced by Herpes Virus.

  5. Emlyne Sthelen

    Thank you I got these medicines on time. Also, can I know how these tablets should be eaten – Before or after the meal and with normal water or lukewarm water.

  6. Kevin Jorge

    Highly effective Against the herpes virus and is Highly recommended…

  7. Severo Alzate

    would you recommend me to use this herbal pill in managing vitiligo? i don’t want those white patches. pls help me

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