Mahamanjisthadi Kwath Herbal Tea

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18 reviews for Mahamanjisthadi Kwath Herbal Tea

  1. Dextrous

    That’s what I was looking for as my physician told me that my body has become toxic due to the persistent use of medications. I ordered it a month back and still using it to purify my body.

  2. Sad Life

    #Dextrous, did this worked for Herpes? Please let me know i am dealing with intense outbreak…does it worth ordering it?

  3. Dextrous

    #Sad Life

    Yeah it worked curbing Herpes outbreaks …I am using the complete medication they provide..

  4. Sebastian

    I just started the Herpoveda …I understood everything about how to use most remedial agents but the ways I can use Mahamanjisthadi Kwath are not completely understood. Please, someone, help me?

    • admin

      Hello Sebastian,
      I hope you are doing well and sorry for the late answer-
      You might have started taking the medicines, I guess

      However, what you need to do is boil 10-15 grams of Mahamanjisthadi kwath in two glass of water. When the decoction remains half glass stir it to the warm then drink it. take it every morning and Evening

  5. Turid Lossius Halvorsen

    How long could I Safely take this herbal tea? Does it have any long term or short term side effects?

    • admin

      If you wish you can afford 3 months of regular use safely. and yes it does not have any long or short-term contraindications. You can consume it safely…

  6. Keith Taylor

    This product has helped me treat psoriasis. It purges the body from all impurities – worth taking into consideration. Great product.

  7. Loretta Edwards

    I purchased this product and also got the instruction for it but I don’t know where does it misplaced. I need to know how to make the decoction by using Mahamanjisthadi Kwath

  8. Jonathan Weber

    Hello There,
    I have a question to ask. What if I make the decoction of entire Mahamanjisthadi Kwath at once and will that be okay if I use it morning and Evening? Can I put it in a fridge?

    • admin

      You can do it but, but prefer to use freshly prepared decoction as these works best when they are warm.

  9. Boyland

    I am reviewing this after completing the entire packet. I could see a visible glow in my skin after 17-18 days. Also I experienced a problem and pain free menstrual cycle while taking these tablets as these purifies the blood. A very very good product without any side effects..will sure repurchase and recommend to my friends and family..

  10. DeAsia kaipio

    I want to annihilate pimples with Mahamanjisthadi Kwath, let me know if I can utilize its therapeutic benefits for pimples.

    • admin

      Yes DeAsia
      You can use it to help yourself with Pimples

  11. Duane Henry

    Mahamanjisthadi Kwath can be tremendously beneficial in preventing the outbreaks of the Herpes Virus. My wife is taking and it for a long time. Since she has not got any outbreak. If you can consume one treatment it is the best.

  12. Ron Sthelen

    I praise this herbal mixture for its strong medicinal properties. It has strong value when it comes to treat any bacterial or viral infections. Though, it works significantly well in Herpes associated complications but my functional medicine experts also finds it immensely beneficial against various skin issues such as Acne, Pustules, Eczema, Psoriasis e.t.c

  13. Ashley Green

    I everyday use this detoxifier to get rid of toxins and it is working so perfectly. My skin health has improved.

  14. Derien Anderson

    The right detoxification of the body is extremely necessary in order to fight off with Herpes and eliminate toxins out of the body. This is what Mahamanjisthadi Kwath is renowned for. My journey with this treatment is about to happen 6 months and I have got some miraculous result. I am taking this herb in conjunction with Herpoveda remedy. Thank for creating such a powerful Herpes Elimination Program.

  15. Maurice Jennings

    Bought it for the second time as I was running out of it. Now I have extra stock of this herbal supplement. It is working.

  16. Malcolm Longsworth

    Sufría de Herpes Zoster, por lo que me comuniqué con los médicos de Herpoveda para que me ayudaran con mi condición. Me recetaron algunos suplementos de hierbas que me ayudaron a recuperarme de mi condición. Ahora estoy absolutamente bien y no tengo signos de debilidad o infección en mi cuerpo.

  17. Lorenzo

    It is working for me but the taste is really so unpleasant. Hope you would do some modification in it to improve the taste. Thank you

  18. Russell

    Does it really help to detoxify the entire body? does it have any side effects? and for how long I can take this supplement?

    • admin

      It is a combination of more than 30 rare herbs that are scientifically proven to eliminate toxins out of the body. It can be continued for 5 months and in some cases may be longer.

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