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22 reviews for Herpoveda

  1. Helen Brown

    Before ordering this product I was in a dilemma whether the product is real or it is just a scam. But two months back i ordered this product and found that it is not a scam. I got many natural things in the form of pills, powder and raw dried herb (Mahamanjisthadi Kwat). I have been using herpoveda for two months and now it is seeming that i am getting well day by day. A good thanks to this product.

  2. Kelsey D. Keim

    I ordered Herpoveda for my grandmother. I received it before the given time of delivery. My grandma is using it from last 1month and she is getting very positive results. I’m so happy to see her healthy.

  3. Ron

    I can’t believe this. A great testimony that i must share to all HERPES patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for HERPES or any cure for HERPES.

  4. Angila

    Herpoveda is a natural, holistic & herbal program in which herbs are given for cleaning of your body, boosting your immunity. A good thanks to this product.

  5. Lucas Forest

    A number of positive reviews have inspired me to buy this treatment program. Got this product back a few weeks and used it continuously. I can see my body adjusting which is a great sign for me. I feel energetic all the time at the same time that it has started to cure all aspects of herpes suffering. Truly a great herpes program with great potential …

  6. Bryson

    This treatment program is doing good work in me, Using it for only 1 month, I appreciate the effects it has on me. It helps keep me active and my lesion almost gone. It gradually improving my internal strength.

  7. Darnell Blankenship

    How long do you take this product

  8. Mike Reynolds

    How many times do you find something natural that works effectively in treating herpes? Isn’t it rare?

    Well, looking at the aspects of Herpoveda, I believe, there’s hardly a treatment that benefits greater than Herpoveda. I have used various treatments for my herpes miseries but, none worked but, when I opted Herpoveda, a substantial improvement is what I noticed. Hoping further to improve my affliction with this remedial agent.

  9. Shanda Howell

    I purchased this treatment program for my friend who recently diagnosed with Herpes infection. I a lot heard good things about Herpoveda hence I thought I might help my friend by gifting this treatment. It is for about 2 months my friend is using this therapy, and believe me, the best result it has provided. My friend is highly grateful to me, whenever he meets me, he says thank you to me. Thank You Herpoveda to give me an opportunity to help my dearest friend

  10. Kevin Tank

    Does Herpoveda 10000% sure, without a doubt CURE Hsv-1 ..As in a vaccine that can get rid of hsv1 out of your body & system for life ?

    • admin

      Thank You For Writing To Us.

      We are glad to inform you that you can get rid of Herpes Virus But, you just need to give your self-time. It will definitely gonna help you. Our product is based on well-researched herbs that are proven to be effective in Herpes Cure. So don’t hesitate to take a good step towards your health.

  11. Lillion

    I tried multiple treatments to get rid of the Herpes infection including natural stuff, But, the only treatment worked for me is Herpoveda. It has helped me gain my lost internal strength. It improved my immune system, therefore I am not getting outbreaks for quite a long time.

  12. Amiyah Brown

    Herpoveda is such a great herbal preparation that helped me gain my internal endurance against herpes infection. It helped my immune system counter attack Herpesvirus. My body also experienced speedy healing of herpes ulcers and wounds. It took less time to heal than my previous outbreak. I will recommend people to go for it. It is highly effective as I experienced it myself.

  13. Nevaeh

    An effective herbal treatment that prevents and cures herpes infections as well as improve the immunity. With more than a year of use, I learned that Natural remedies have great potential with any disease. Amid Coronavirus, my immune perhaps in a very good state, I can handle even Coronavirus. Hope you are all doing well amid this crisis.

  14. Presley

    I Just Wondered, How Long Does I Have To Take This Treatment Program? Is It Really Effective Enough To Annihilate Stubborn Virus-Like HSV?
    Reply Would Be Appreciated and Will Help Me Buy This Product.

    • admin

      We are glad that you are taking steps to improve your health with our highly effective Herbal supplements. As far as your questions are concerned, we are happy to tell you that if you use it for the continuation of 6 months, you will be free from herpes outbreaks. We are Hoping that we gave you a satisfying answer to your question. Hoping you will order soon……(:

  15. Liam

    Herpoveda works well, it creates a powerful environment for the body to kill the virus and prevent them from returning back. I really appreciate the product they introduce, They provide raw Hypericum Mysorense. A good Purchase for Me. I am feeling better after using this herb. Also, they provide Giloy as a freebie that’s another good thing from them.

  16. Kayden

    I ingested this herbal supplement to get rid of Herpes but truly speaking, some herbs containing in it are bitter. I hope the bitterness can kill the virus…Just Kidding..LOL

    Let’s see what it has underneath it. Hoping to be free from the Herpes Virus forever.

    • admin

      Thanks For Your Review

      For sure, we selected herbs that are bitter but they have the highest potency when it comes to curing Herpes…We assure you, you will not get disappointed if you follow all the instructions given in the instruction sheet. Good Future is waiting you..

  17. Evelyn

    An effective supplement containing some of the best herbs that fight against the Herpes virus. I am using it for 3 months and so happy with its potency.

  18. Delanna Bowman

    Amid Corona-Virus crisis, I am consuming this herbal supplement to treat Herpes virus and prevent the Coronavirus concomitantly. I heard a lot about this herbal supplement and I can see those assertions to be right. It has significantly improved my innate strength.

  19. Ayangel

    Most herbals including giloy are pungent and bitter

  20. Arthur

    Hi dear

    Can you help me with those immune-boosting methods to protect my self from getting Coronavirus infection? I am Arthur from Daly City

  21. Aira

    Loving the product, I have been using for over a month and have definitely noticed less HSV scourge, feeling more energy, and fewer cravings. Taste is not adorable but, easy to ingest.

  22. Elijah

    They are making a good effort in helping people with Herpes, the product are not burdensome if we compare to Antivirals Acyclovir and Famvir.

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