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132 reviews for Herpoveda

  1. Helen Brown

    Before ordering this product I was in a dilemma whether the product is real or it is just a scam. But two months back i ordered this product and found that it is not a scam. I got many natural things in the form of pills, powder and raw dried herb (Mahamanjisthadi Kwat). I have been using herpoveda for two months and now it is seeming that i am getting well day by day. A good thanks to this product.

  2. Kelsey D. Keim

    I ordered Herpoveda for my grandmother. I received it before the given time of delivery. My grandma is using it from last 1month and she is getting very positive results. I’m so happy to see her healthy.

  3. Ron

    I can’t believe this. A great testimony that i must share to all HERPES patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for HERPES or any cure for HERPES.

  4. Angila

    Herpoveda is a natural, holistic & herbal program in which herbs are given for cleaning of your body, boosting your immunity. A good thanks to this product.

  5. Lucas Forest

    A number of positive reviews have inspired me to buy this treatment program. Got this product back a few weeks and used it continuously. I can see my body adjusting which is a great sign for me. I feel energetic all the time at the same time that it has started to cure all aspects of herpes suffering. Truly a great herpes program with great potential …

  6. Bryson

    This treatment program is doing good work in me, Using it for only 1 month, I appreciate the effects it has on me. It helps keep me active and my lesion almost gone. It gradually improving my internal strength.

  7. Darnell Blankenship

    How long do you take this product

  8. Mike Reynolds

    How many times do you find something natural that works effectively in treating herpes? Isn’t it rare?

    Well, looking at the aspects of Herpoveda, I believe, there’s hardly a treatment that benefits greater than Herpoveda. I have used various treatments for my herpes miseries but, none worked but, when I opted Herpoveda, a substantial improvement is what I noticed. Hoping further to improve my affliction with this remedial agent.

  9. Shanda Howell

    I purchased this treatment program for my friend who recently diagnosed with Herpes infection. I a lot heard good things about Herpoveda hence I thought I might help my friend by gifting this treatment. It is for about 2 months my friend is using this therapy, and believe me, the best result it has provided. My friend is highly grateful to me, whenever he meets me, he says thank you to me. Thank You Herpoveda to give me an opportunity to help my dearest friend

  10. Kevin Tank

    Does Herpoveda 10000% sure, without a doubt CURE Hsv-1 ..As in a vaccine that can get rid of hsv1 out of your body & system for life ?

    • admin

      Thank You For Writing To Us.

      We are glad to inform you that you can get rid of Herpes Virus But, you just need to give your self-time. It will definitely gonna help you. Our product is based on well-researched herbs that are proven to be effective in Herpes Cure. So don’t hesitate to take a good step towards your health.

  11. Lillion

    I tried multiple treatments to get rid of the Herpes infection including natural stuff, But, the only treatment worked for me is Herpoveda. It has helped me gain my lost internal strength. It improved my immune system, therefore I am not getting outbreaks for quite a long time.

  12. Amiyah Brown

    Herpoveda is such a great herbal preparation that helped me gain my internal endurance against herpes infection. It helped my immune system counter attack Herpesvirus. My body also experienced speedy healing of herpes ulcers and wounds. It took less time to heal than my previous outbreak. I will recommend people to go for it. It is highly effective as I experienced it myself.

  13. Nevaeh

    An effective herbal treatment that prevents and cures herpes infections as well as improve the immunity. With more than a year of use, I learned that Natural remedies have great potential with any disease. Amid Coronavirus, my immune perhaps in a very good state, I can handle even Coronavirus. Hope you are all doing well amid this crisis.

  14. Presley

    I Just Wondered, How Long Does I Have To Take This Treatment Program? Is It Really Effective Enough To Annihilate Stubborn Virus-Like HSV?
    Reply Would Be Appreciated and Will Help Me Buy This Product.

    • admin

      We are glad that you are taking steps to improve your health with our highly effective Herbal supplements. As far as your questions are concerned, we are happy to tell you that if you use it for the continuation of 6 months, you will be free from herpes outbreaks. We are Hoping that we gave you a satisfying answer to your question. Hoping you will order soon……(:

  15. Liam

    Herpoveda works well, it creates a powerful environment for the body to kill the virus and prevent them from returning back. I really appreciate the product they introduce, They provide raw Hypericum Mysorense. A good Purchase for Me. I am feeling better after using this herb. Also, they provide Giloy as a freebie that’s another good thing from them.

  16. Kayden

    I ingested this herbal supplement to get rid of Herpes but truly speaking, some herbs containing in it are bitter. I hope the bitterness can kill the virus…Just Kidding..LOL

    Let’s see what it has underneath it. Hoping to be free from the Herpes Virus forever.

    • admin

      Thanks For Your Review

      For sure, we selected herbs that are bitter but they have the highest potency when it comes to curing Herpes…We assure you, you will not get disappointed if you follow all the instructions given in the instruction sheet. Good Future is waiting you..

  17. Evelyn

    An effective supplement containing some of the best herbs that fight against the Herpes virus. I am using it for 3 months and so happy with its potency.

  18. Delanna Bowman

    Amid Corona-Virus crisis, I am consuming this herbal supplement to treat Herpes virus and prevent the Coronavirus concomitantly. I heard a lot about this herbal supplement and I can see those assertions to be right. It has significantly improved my innate strength.

  19. Ayangel

    Most herbals including giloy are pungent and bitter

  20. Arthur

    Hi dear

    Can you help me with those immune-boosting methods to protect my self from getting Coronavirus infection? I am Arthur from Daly City

  21. Aira

    Loving the product, I have been using for over a month and have definitely noticed less HSV scourge, feeling more energy, and fewer cravings. Taste is not adorable but, easy to ingest.

  22. Elijah

    They are making a good effort in helping people with Herpes, the product are not burdensome if we compare to Antivirals Acyclovir and Famvir.

  23. Sandra Robertson

    I purchased this product 3 months back and used it as prescribed. Now my stock is about to over and going to order it soon. I have got extraordinary benefits and I am not having outbreaks now.

  24. Edsel

    Since I used this product I became the fan of this remedial agent. It has not only healed me internally but the external pain and suffering is disappeared in just 20 days of use. They told me to keep using it for 4 to 6 months and i will do the same.

  25. Jeffrey

    Presale Enquiry
    Hello There, How will I be benefitted from this product?
    Will you provide raw Herb or It has something to do with preservatives? How long do I need to take your product?
    Does it in any way associated with Side effects?

  26. Akilah

    I found this treatment relatively better than most Herpes treatment available on the web. Trust me I used hundreds of dollars on natural product. Some of them worked a little but other completely faded. But this treatment helped me eradicate Herpes from root. I have quit this medicines a long I think its been a year now. During this period, I never experienced any outbreak. I think the disease is gone now from my body.

  27. Retardation

    This treatment worked in the management of Herpes infection. I have been on this medication for 3 and a half months.

  28. Inna Yurkevich

    A good approach to deal with herpes sufferings is underneath Natural remedy, but not with any toxicty.

  29. Logan Farris

    All the claims that natural treatment can cure herpes are really honest. What can a person tell about natural therapy who hasn’t use this ever? They don’t know the healing power of nature. My self got cured by natural treatment. Though I haven’t used this treatment program called Herpoveda. I used the dr. sebi Cure for herpes kit. I guess if it is also available to cure the herpes.

  30. Josette R Burrus

    Hello, Logan Farris
    Did you really cure HSV with Dr. Sebi? …please tell me where to order this treatment program. How long does it take to get a satisfying result?

  31. Shatarra Booker

    I have been able to successfully treat Herpes infection with this miraculous remedy. It has entirely changed my life.

  32. Daniel Alzate

    We (Me and my spouse) have been the patient of both HSV strains. we used everything what we can do to curb this infection but still it keeps coming back again again. My question is if we opt for your natural treatment then what’s the surety that we will be fine for sure?

  33. Darran Adams

    2 be honest mine belief over naturopathy only gained after my father fell severely ill from the adverse drug reaction. He was on the Herpes medication for 5 years. My father was admitted in ICU in a prominent hopsital in detroit. That time I was feared of losing him but furtunately, my father survived. From then my mind shifter to natural based remedy. Its about a year my father is doing extremely well with Herpes Medication and never experience Herpes outbreak.

  34. Darby Dandry


  35. Gary Farris

    I m goin to purchse dis product my firnd used it and received gud result.

  36. Gia

    Can anyone give information if they still proceeding the shipping to the other countries? I want to order it, but no answers from their side. So maybe they have stopped sending it..

  37. Gia (verified owner)

    I am going to try herpoveda and let you know from my side how it’s work. So many good reviews give a hope that’s real, so let’s not give up.

  38. L.J

    How long will each order last if you order the box?

    • admin

      It will last for about three months.

    • admin

      It will last for about three months.

  39. Toussaint

    my function medicine expert from Herpoveda helped me throughout my journey in herpes eradication, just because of their help i have now defeated cold sores.
    Heartwarming thank you to the physician.

  40. Sharon Slabach

    My mom liked this product as she is now doing well with Herpes.

  41. Christine Cook

    Treating Herpes infection with Herpoveda is a smart choice I have ever made in my life. Previously I was used to taking daily suppressive pills morning and evening but still, there was an outbreak persistently keep happened. But, the day I started the natural treatment I observed that my condition is correcting gradually. After 8 months of continuous use of Herpoveda, I tested negative for the virus. It was a hard journey but they helped me with every step I made. Thanks for distributing such a high valued holistic treatment.

  42. Spencer Crols

    The product I ordered is helping me and I am happy with the result but I have given you a three-star rating because your product is so bitter and you should have done something to make it less bitter.

  43. Kurt Tignor

    satisfied with the outcome of this product.

  44. Arthur Spinola

    The outstanding result I’m very happy

  45. Peaches Douglas

    I took Herpoveda’s benefits for 6 months and now I have entered in 7th month. Its 3 months left to complete this course. I am already feeling like I got a new life free from Herpes. Great pleasurable fealing.

  46. Denaejha Lewis

    Yesterday the delivery called me from DHL and I got your shipment. This is the second time I have ordered this product previous one was wholly consumed and got some satisfying outcome.

  47. Chelsea Dunbar

    Two days earlier I ordered this packet but I haven’t received tracking details yet. Is anyone out there who can answer me about my concern.

    • admin

      We will be shipping your order after tomorrow and you will soon get your tracking and other necessary details.

  48. Violet

    I am saeptus est ab immune ratio questus meis Giloy potentiam, tollit Neem infectio-pugnam spiritus meus, Triphala curae est ventrem meum, et evanuit cutis Mahamanjishthadi Kwath tollit omnem. Omnes isti beneficia venit in unum fasciculum, et Herpoveda est.

  49. Grant Anderson

    I was diagnosed with Herpes in my school days when I received unknown blisters on my lips. Initially, I wasn’t aware that why these tiny blisters are emerging but when I went to a physician he examined me and asserted that I have Herpes. He asked me to have a serological test to confirm this. I decided to get tested and I received a result that nobody wants.
    Then I meticulously researched the best treatments available on the internet and found that antivirals like Acyclovir can cause drug reactions. So I decided to shift my all hope to Natural remedies. I ordered this treatment and noticed a good change in just a month of use. Now I am completely free from Herpes after using their treatment for 9 and a half months.

  50. Rita Sukhu

    At the time I initiated Herpoveda treatment my Herpes serological Viral load was 11.5 but after using three months, this treatment significantly down my viral load to 7.3, I am still on medication and hoping to be tested negative soon.

  51. Lauretta H.

    I couldn’t have asked for more than this. Herpoveda has got everything I need. No matter where you go, Herpoveda is the coolest, most potent herpes treatment.

  52. Brian Mac

    Herpoveda is worth a fortune to my health. I am pleased with this product. I would gladly recommend all people with a Herpes infection. It would change your destiny.

  53. Lena Vandevort

    Without Herpoveda, I would have gone bankrupt by now. We’ve used Herpoveda for 9 months and got satisfying results. I am so pleased with this product.

  54. Gary Grob

    Herpoveda is awesome! I STRONGLY suggest Herpoveda to EVERYONE who wants to be free from Herpes. Herpoveda is exactly what I was lacking in My life. But not now I am happy that I got this herbal supplement.

  55. Jones

    producto dañado en estado, informé que les pedí que lo reemplazaran y lo aceptaron … Recibí mi número de seguimiento esta mañana

  56. Andre Syvinski

    Quand j’ai diagnostiqué pour la première fois le virus de l’herpès, le médecin m’a dit qu’il resterait pour le reste de ma vie, mais je ne voulais vraiment pas aimer ça. J’ai étudié de nombreux endroits où l’herpès peut être guéri si j’utilise des guérisseurs naturels, c’est pourquoi j’ai poursuivi ce produit. Il faut un peu plus de six mois pour me guérir complètement et MAINTENANT je suis négatif

  57. sonia jorge

    I’ve been suffering from cold sores since I was in sixth grade and growing up, they would always be very embarrassing when one would flare up. I used many medicines in the past and they have never helped. I always prayed for some sort of product to come out that would stop cold sores and then I finally found Herpoveda which halted the herpes virus forever. It’s been over one year I never experienced even a single indication.


    Soffro di herpes labiale da quando ero in prima media e crescendo, sarebbero sempre stati molto imbarazzanti quando uno divampa. Ho usato molti medicinali in passato e non mi hanno mai aiutato. Ho sempre pregato che uscisse una sorta di prodotto che fermasse l’herpes labiale e poi ho finalmente trovato Herpoveda che ha fermato il virus dell’herpes per sempre. È passato più di un anno che non ho mai sperimentato nemmeno una singola indicazione.

  59. Mark Tillman

    This is the only thing that keep my cold sore from getting out of control and even it improved the internal defense system which further significantly decreased the HSV viral count. I am constantly getting low in Herpes viral count which fills me with joy. I am going to get cured I believe.

  60. H. Williams

    I and my wife live in east Atlanta village which I guess would be a remote area for shipping this product? I just wanted to confirm whether you ship this area or if not how can I get these herbal suppplements?

  61. John Ogilvie

    Hello, Mark Tillman
    I enthused to see your comment and thought of purchasing this product. I have oral herpes so would it help me with this problem. I have used many products but got little or no impact except Acyclovir but its toxicity is weakening my health so i don’t want to resort antivirals.

  62. Alba Krouse

    Once I start this treatment, how long would I have to take it to completely eradicate this problem. I have got many side effects when I used to take Antivirals. So I don’t want to suffer from any side effects and I learn that Natural treatment does not have contraindication of any type. Is it True?

    • admin

      up to 9 months you might need this treatment and you don’t have to be worried about any side effects. They are free from all contraindications.

  63. james Jackson

    This medicine has a significant influence on my health. It is just wonderful …Pretty happy with the result.

  64. Leon Ford

    After reading the great reviews and ratings I gave this Herpoveda a try and I am more than satisfied with the result. I also have had Herpes breakouts since I was young, but this product also comes in handy when i feel I’m getting sick aka the common cold. It truly is an immune support.

  65. Kat Sudol

    Hello buddy,
    Smith here, would appreciate if you revert my comment. Has Herpoveda helped any people curing the Herpes infection? If i own your treatment how long it shall take for me to be free from hsv?

    • admin

      Yeah, countless people have already took the advantage of Herpoveda and cured of the disease. The time depends on your current status of Herpes. 6 to 9 months or sometimes 11 to 12 months may last the treatment.

  66. Mark Festge

    I love Herpoveda, I bought this brand first, I wasn’t sure, and wanted to try a few different kinds. I have a viral Herpes infection. and it helped me miraculously to treat Herpes infection. I ordered my second bottle recently. Thanks

  67. Thomas Terry

    Herpes is a chronic infection hence taking the antivirals on a regular basis will only make your situation even worse. This thing I realized a year back when I shifted to Natural treatment to treat all herpes miseries. Now I am not having any herpes breakouts for over a year.

  68. Joe Pedersen

    I am still fighting with the herpes virus and in that process, I tried various methods and treatments but all I have got is herpes flare-up. Antivirals helped me curb it but the side effect of it is not allowing me to use it anymore. So I am going to give the natural treatment a try. Gonna purchase your product.

  69. Himal Tailor

    Love it. Using for sleep, mood, and circulation. I have a herpes infection so my doctor has recommended it. Also great for helping my body maintain blood flow which is great because I am using it in conjunction with things that help maintain testosterone. I have found the great results of Herpoveda in Herpes treatment.

  70. Polly Burton

    Use to treat HSV 2 More effective than all of the prescription meds – which did not prevent outbreaks. Dis natural meds are super effective and prevent it for good.

  71. David Daniel

    love Herpoveda., If you don’t know about it, read about it. I’ve been on the Herpoveda since the start of the Corona Virus dawn to boost my immune system but it is also great at helping your body fight with Herpes.


    We use Herpoveda for mouth sores, they work pretty well. Herpoveda is the only thing I use for 10 months. I saw an appealing advertisement for them on the internet and decided to use it. It is really effective for me.

  73. William Walker

    I really believe this keeps me from getting so many cold sores I take two times a day and Herpes goes away way faster than it normally would have. I am getting resistant to the virus.

  74. Jimmie Patterson

    I was getting sick too often and my Doctor recommended natural treatment for my herpes suffering. I received the product extremely quickly and the packing is pretty fine, which I loved.

  75. Jesse Dawson

    This stuff helps your body heal any skin disorders such as sores, acne, lesions, herpes, etc. It will heal em up quickly. It’s supposed to be good for your immune system as I never fall down since I used the Herpoveda

  76. Tiana Phillips

    I liked this Herpoveda product. Good balance of quality immune boosters, adaptogens, detoxifiers, and analgesics.

  77. Ieashia Louis

    June 2020 is the date I purchased this treatment and few months after that I tested negative For Herpes Virus. I am very joyous to see this negative test.

  78. Rene Tricou

    I can’t believe what a remarkable supplement this is for Herpes virus!! I have re-ordered several times and I never want to be without it!
    I have medicine for my breakouts, but I didn’t like the thought of being on consistent prescription medication for Herpes

  79. Bridget Reynolds

    Fantastic product — after 9 months, no skin outbreaks or eruptions I am aware of, and clear skin. Better than the meds used from MD. and a lot cheaper.

  80. Janel Harris

    For me, it’s kept the virus under control with far less frequent Herpes outbreaks, milder outbreaks when they come, and none of the very unpleasant side effects I had from anti-viral medicine. It is reducing the viral count each and every day.
    Thank You

  81. Jannece Lawson

    I am a student and once I was also among the list of herpes patients. I exposed myself to Herpes when my boyfriend kissed me. After 4 days I noticed blisters that are filled with fluid. Later on, I tested positive for Herpes. Since then I was on Acyclovir medication for nearly 2 years but, after that, I started noticing side effects on me. Then I changed my mind and shifted to the Natural based treatment. I Initiated a natural remedy just to boost the immune system so that I can prevent Herpes outbreaks. But later on, I came to know that Herpoveda has started killing the Herpes virus. This I knew when the virus counts in a test report gone below from 12.3 to 6.5. Then I keep taking this herbal supplement and after 7 and a half months later report becomes negative.

  82. Joe Gutierrez

    I am very extremely happy to see the advantages that I am getting from the Herpoveda treatment program. It is highly efficacious and it is most importantly working pretty well against Herpes.

  83. Shakeria Fisher

    I want to purchase your product but I am not able to convince myself whether your treatment is really genuine. I have tried many treatment options but not even one proved beneficial for me.

  84. Rico Albert

    Really happy with this. Has been consuming Herpoveda powders and vitamin c together…this is a great herbal mixture. Haven’t had a cold sore since taking daily

  85. Germaine Games

    I particularly bought this herpes treatment program to help with my immunity. And I love this natural drug. After I started taking it, I never had herpes again. This herbal kit is something that makes me very happy.

  86. Kip Carter

    Helps to prevent more common ailments and even Herpes. Would recommend taking it in the morning and at night. All ingredients have their own Herpes curing potential.

  87. Nicole Velez

    A significant change in my immunity to Herpes infection, no side effects. I noticed a huge difference in resistance. I Will keep this herbal supplement in stock and hoping soon to be negetive completely.

  88. pavlova Sperduto

    God is very kind to me as almighty has helped me discover this potent herbal supplement that has cured me. I am very happy.

  89. Tobias Stephens

    Your product is doing wonder guys never expected that I would work in that way.

  90. Kyle Barrett

    I started taking this every night to prevent cold sores! It works against Herpes Virus.

  91. Dejha Dew

    Ahora me siento vivo después de usar este remedio natural de soporte vital del Herpoveda for Herpes. De lo contrario, el herpes me habría arruinado la vida.

  92. Shivaun Owens

    I got to know about this natural treatment program when I was searching for an alternate remedy for Herpes. It is 3 months now when I used it for the first time. Now my health has significantly improved and the most important thing that has happened to me that I haven’t experienced any outbreaks since the day I started this remedy.

  93. Tiffani Dean

    I for the first time shifting to the natural remedy for herpes suffering. I have Herpes type 2 but looking to eliminate it for good. I saw a lot of positive reviews so I decided to order this product.

  94. Madisyn Miller

    Ordered this remedy 5 days back however yet to receive my package. They provided me the tracking details yesterday. Now I am expecting to receive this treatment by tomorrow if am not wrong.

  95. James Hampton

    Herpes remedy has to be affordable and you guys are doing excellent work in that area. I have purchased this remedy and I will definitely recommend this effective natural remedy for Herpes to everone.

  96. kurt ROGERS

    5 months back I doubted your product but now I have regretted doing that. That’s essentially a great way to prevent the herpes virus.

  97. Garrett De Blauw

    Before I started your herbal supplements I constantly keep getting the outbreaks with lots of psychological trauma. But since I step ahead with your remedy, it has stopped my outbreaks. It is about 6 months I never had outbreak. Thanks,

  98. Darius Brooks

    can I get benefits if I purchase only one or two products from Herpoveda? Or is it necessary to get all stuff in it?

    • admin

      You require to purchase the whole kit as taking only a few of them might not work

  99. Tiffanny Ramirez

    I started respecting natural healing when I was 14 and since then I am using nature to heal myself. I recently diagnosed with type 2 herpes which was so disturbing to me. I suffered from intense pain accompanied by a lesion on my genitals. I bought this herbal remedy and Now it has significantly enhanced my health and reduced misery I was going through.

  100. Larry Castaneda

    I got the natural stuff I ordered 5 days back, the outer packaging is okay, though, it can be enhanced. The natural stuff in it is good, I appreciate it. I do have genuine complaints guys, please do something about your product’s bitterness. Some of your products are seriously bitter.

    • admin

      Thank you for your review, Larry,. some products might be bitter but they actually work.

  101. Andrae Coats

    I was suffering from insomnia and Herpes for 5 months. I tried many treatments but unfortunately, nothing worked for me. Then I decided to contact Herpoveda. They asked me to follow their guidance so I did. Gradually, I started noticing my suffering subside. I am now very happy and feeling awesomely healthy.

  102. Doris Windrow

    Hi There,

    Sir My father has Herpes type 2 that is affecting my father on a broader scale. Can you suggest me some remedy that my father can use to cure Herpes at Home? Or should I let my father use your treatment for a better outcome. Please suggest, I need your help.
    Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin

      There are certain herbs you can’t get there in the USA and without those antiviral herbs Herpes virus can’t be eradicated

  103. Yohana Ross

    It is good to use Herpoveda when there are persistent herpes breakouts is going on in your life. I have used it to stop outbreaks forever. This is true since I have started using this herbal herpes treatment I never had even a single symptom, not even an itching sensation or tingling one.

  104. Rodney Lee

    Since I am diagnosed with the Herpes virus, not only I am physically affected but I am also very disturbed mentally. I am currently on suppressive therapy and the following acyclovir medication. I put Abreva on my lesion but I don’t want them for the long run. I want a permanent solution to my suffering. If you really have a permanent solution please I want to purchase this treatment. But before that I want to have a conversation with you guys.

  105. Christie torney

    Hello, I have ordered Herpoveda Kit again and this time I don’t want Triphala as I already have sufficient. What I want is that replace Triphala with something you think I have to take for a longer period of time. Your treatment is working, however, i have to be with your treatment for a longer period of time to completely assassinate HSV.

    • admin

      Okay got your instruction, your satisfaction is our goal.

  106. Garrett Eliassaint

    My second kit of Herpoveda is about to over so I ordered it two days back. Though, it is quite effective, can I use other supplementation to increase my health like Omega 3 fatty acids or green tea with this treatment regimen?

    • admin

      Yes there, you can use it…there is no contraindication out there associated with this medication.

  107. Thessolonia Gibson

    This natural remedy for Herpes needs more exposure as I have used it only for 2 months but the results are amazing. I am also following a vegan diet side by side.

  108. Nicholas Evans

    U delivered yor promise. Happy to see your aftersale service. I’ll keep u updated on hows this treatment worked

  109. Ouida Fields

    Thank you for solving my issues with your treatment. I wish I could have known about this early in my life.

  110. Rossette Hamm

    Herpoveda is a genuine herpes eradication program that helps us better fight against Herpes infections. Few months of continuous significantly improved my life.

  111. Jalen Windrow

    Really effective and cheap if compare to other antivirals.

  112. Cory Hughes

    Will it close the Herpes chapter from mY LIFE forever?

    • admin

      Yes, it has helped many be Herpes free so don’t worry. We are committed o make you free from this virus.

  113. Dangelo collier

    It’s really affordable in comparison with other Herpes treatments out there. I am using it for two months and it does working great.

  114. Jazz Gaines

    Your treatment is more effective than antivirals.

  115. LaTavia Young

    This natural healing option has cured me of all the suffering I suffered for 5 years. It took very extensive treatment for over 9 months and then I am tasted negative.

  116. rudolph cuffari

    Today I received my second kit of herpoveda. Till now all is going well except for my stomach irritation. The additional medicine you provided to me a much-needed relief. Hoping to be fine from these ailments soon, Thank you

  117. George

    A lot of positive reviews inspiring me to get this treatment for my wife. She has herpes of the mouth and she gets outbreaks every alternate month. Can this treatment work she is 32 years of age.

  118. Lashelle Campbell

    I am diabetic and taking medicine for that. I wanted to know whether your natural treatment interacts with my medication? If I purchase your product how long should it take to reach me?

  119. Karen Ruvalcaba

    This is a great natural treatment whether you are preventing Cold sores or want to cure it for good. It induces a definite boost to your immune system to keep you healthy. I have an infection caused by HSV and this herbal stuff proved best for me.

  120. Brian

    Hey man, how does this product work? As far as I learned there is no known cure for this? I am a bit confused about this product. Some say there is a cure others say no cure. why is there so much confusion?

  121. Michael

    Hi it’s Michael from England, wanted to know whether your treatment interacts with blood-thinning medication. If not I will prefer to buy your treatment program. And Yes I recent had Corona Vaccine as well.

  122. Dominic

    We do know that antivirals don’t cure your suffering still we used to take them for a short-term remission. However, there is a better option we can opt and that is the holistic remedy. It has a long-term effect that never goes donw.

  123. Mr. Perry

    I nervously purchased this to help my best friend cure cold sores. I removed the label put in the product to keep it discreet and gave it to her. A couple of weeks later I and my friend noticed a huge difference. She is healed completely. Amazing product.

  124. Thiago

    I have been taking this for 3 months. There is no side effect. I take vitamin C tablets along with this to further increase my immunity. I feel that it’s working well for me.

  125. Jeremy

    This is the ONLY product that prevents cold sores for good. it heals the sore very fast and keeps it from spreading or getting to an advanced stage.

  126. Paul

    I love Lysine. I take one every morning. I started a lysine and vitamin C regime to improve my Herpes infection. I’m 30 years old and recently Herpes attacked me with its outbreak.

  127. Lawrence

    I am here to review my experiece with this treatment program. it is been three months I decided to give this treatment program a try. I purchassed this and started the dosing regimen as prescribed. Within a month I noticed enormous effect on my body. My body started resisting the Herpes virus in a better way than ever before. I am still on this mediccation but my entire health has already improved significantly. Thanks to this treatment program,

  128. Sam

    Does this product work with curing hsv 2

    • admin

      Yes, it does.

  129. Murfin Micheal

    After using your treatment I observed that it is a lot easier to get rid of Herpes Outbreaks with no side effects. I don’t know whether or not I am cured but your treatment has finally stopped my persistent cold sores flare ups.

  130. Isaias

    I am a little concerned about its efficacy and quality of the product. Honestly I am admitting that I have user an array of natural stuff to eliminate the virus but none worked. Can you convince me why should I buy your product?

    • admin

      Yes, you should read our articles and watch our videos. There is a lot of info in there.

  131. Jasmine

    Hello sir i am a herpes patient since 2009, every year it is common for me to get 5 to 6 times outbreaks and i am very upset with the outcome of acyclovir. It seems that it has stopped working for me. Can you help me. i literally lost my hope. natural treatment is only my hope right now

  132. Sterling

    I think it is the start of my Herpes outbreaks as in the tip of my penis fluid-filled blisters has begun to appear. How can you help me with my problem of genital Herpes? Can I recover from it forever?

    • admin

      You will definitely be free from Herpes infection for good but you must require to follow all of our guidance. We have a range of potent anti-viral herbs that can eliminate Herpes infection.

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