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From: $38.00
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25 reviews for Giloy Extract Tablets

  1. Adevtou

    I got the product the second time this morning. I managed to get the best out of it.

  2. Cameroon

    I am using it to fight Herpes infection for good. I heard that this herb holistically powers up the immune system – Hoping soon it will change my life.

  3. Matthew

    I order this herb Yesterday…Please make sure to send it as a whole and Raw …Thank you

  4. AlexandroW

    Why natural supplement are not sufficiently studied by the scientists? Without studying the plant they claim it to be not beneficial. Why?

  5. Nimota Babalola

    Eeewwwwww…..bitter…bitter, why do am I takin dis … it’s really bitter…I might be better soon hope is on with this medication.

  6. Richard Benton

    I wish if I could earlier have the access to this agent. Two months back I started consuming this herb and now I am very well doing with all my complications. Also, how long should I keep ingesting this medication without any contraindications. please suggest

  7. Erin Reaves

    I have been ingesting Giloy and other supplement since I was diagnosed from Herpes infection. Truely speaking you can’t compare the benefits of Natural remedies as they are way beneficial than allopthic. Just experience the power of Natural remedies yourself.

  8. Ronda Rensburg

    I am not havin infection still I want to use tinospora Cordifolia, so can i use it for a better immune function?

  9. Victoria Shangadi

    I am corona positive a few times before and I used Giloy. and it worked best for me…
    I am recovering from this virus very fast

  10. Donald Grob

    Hello, today got the message from DHL that my order is in process, I want to ask when I will get my shipment. My order name is Donald Grob, please check it and let me know.

    • admin

      You will get your shipment within 4 working days

  11. Brenda Wright

    I never got the medicinal benefits of Giloy ever in my life but now I’ve decided to incorporate it in my life. I ordered it last morning 😉

  12. david messer

    effective at treating allergic rhinitis..

  13. Weldon Thornton

    The quality of the product- Giloy Powder, is very good, right from the packaging to the powder. This has increased my belief in the brand, and I am re-ordering 2 more packs of Giloy along with neem powder.

  14. Nimota kaipio

    I get the product as mentioned and satisfied with fast delivery. Very satisfied.

  15. Loretta Rodriguez

    I think Giloy is a very common herb in India that’s what I observed during my 6 weeks India tour. I saw people taking Giloy and other herbs to tackle the coronavirus effects. Even their government endorses the use of Giloy during the pandemic.

  16. Zakary Taylor

    I am using this immuno-booster for 2 years and it has benefited me during the corona pandemic. I definitely contracted with Corona Virus but it did not harm me severely. I got just a common cold for 2 or 3 days and then it is gone. Thanks to the Giloy

  17. Lashawn Baptiste

    Giloy is also known as Tinospora Cordifolia is a powerful agent that works great against the Herpes virus. I am using this herbal supplement for 2 years & my health has dramatically improved. I am every day taking it with Honey and sometimes with lukewarm water as they suggest.

  18. Orrete Whit

    I am a fan of these tiny tablets. It seems tiny but its function on the human body is significant. It enhances the capabilities of the human body against many diseases.

  19. Naomy Perez

    I’ve taken Giloy for years, and now I hardly get cold sores. I heard from a friend that if I would take this daily it would prevent them from popping up. 2 years now I take it every night before bed no fever blisters.

  20. Renchu Johnson

    Giloy is pretty much a powerful medicinal plant that has been hailed for its potential against numerous sorts of infection. I am using it for many years to better control the Herpes virus.

  21. Mike Collins

    Herpoveda can make you deal better with all skin issues that you are dealing with. I am taking it for herpes eradication purposes and it has cleared skin lesions perfectly. Plus, I am not getting any signs of Herpes since I started taking this herbal supplements.

  22. Karina hill

    I have been told that Giloy Extract can potentially a suitable botanical herb for dealing with almost all sorts of infections. So I decided to incorporate this powerful herb against Herpesvirus and what I noticed is amazing. It has significant benefits.

  23. Sherry Robinson

    I haven’t come across any herb that can have that much potency in increasing the function of the immune system. I mean it miraculously improves the immunity to the extreme and no disease can penetrate the shield It creates in the body.

  24. Nathaniel

    I purchased it because I heard that it has a significant influence on our immune system. Many types of research claim it to be highly beneficial for fighting a range of diseases and infections including Herpes.

  25. Aaliyah

    Does it work in treating ocular herpes infection? I am suffering from it since 2019. Will it stop occular outbreaks?

    • admin

      Yes, it will help you with Ocular Herpes.

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