Giloy Extract Tablets

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From: $24.00
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8 reviews for Giloy Extract Tablets

  1. Adevtou

    I got the product the second time this morning. I managed to get the best out of it.

  2. Cameroon

    I am using it to fight Herpes infection for good. I heard that this herb holistically powers up the immune system – Hoping soon it will change my life.

  3. Matthew

    I order this herb Yesterday…Please make sure to send it as a whole and Raw …Thank you

  4. AlexandroW

    Why natural supplement are not sufficiently studied by the scientists? Without studying the plant they claim it to be not beneficial. Why?

  5. Nimota Babalola

    Eeewwwwww…..bitter…bitter, why do am I takin dis … it’s really bitter…I might be better soon hope is on with this medication.

  6. Richard Benton

    I wish if I could earlier have the access to this agent. Two months back I started consuming this herb and now I am very well doing with all my complications. Also, how long should I keep ingesting this medication without any contraindications. please suggest

  7. Erin Reaves

    I have been ingesting Giloy and other supplement since I was diagnosed from Herpes infection. Truely speaking you can’t compare the benefits of Natural remedies as they are way beneficial than allopthic. Just experience the power of Natural remedies yourself.

  8. Ronda Rensburg

    I am not havin infection still I want to use tinospora Cordifolia, so can i use it for a better immune function?

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