Known by the botanic name Azadirachtaindica, neem tree is viewed as a one stop solution to most of the health problems humans suffer from. In fact, of several books and literature published in the past few decades, one book has referred to the medical tree as “a tree for solving global problems”. This indeed is true in every aspect as the tree has immense medicinal properties. These properties can heal more than a dozen of chronic and almost hundreds of minor health issues. Earlier, its benefits were confined to the geographical locations it grew in, but today, the market is full of neem based products. Although we need to choose the best and 100% natural neem products in order to gain maximum from it, thousands of its varieties are available. we will talk about this once we introduce to you all the neem benefits for herpes. So, for the time being, assume you have a natural and unadulterated herb with you. Do you think this can cure something like herpes?

Well, there are certain neem benefits for herpes that America needs to know. More than 50 million people in America are infected with genital herpes alone. If like half of these people, you are also busy taking appointments followed by antiviral drugs, it is time to wake up. If these drugs were even 50% effective in taking your problem away, herpes would not have been such a big issue in the country. Today, herpes is in every corner of the world, but, America unfortunately on the top. There is a steep rise in the number of herpes patients despite developments in the modern medicine. What can be the reason?

There can be various reasons, but one thing we are sure about now is the ineffectiveness of antiviral drugs. Now, the million dollar question is- what to do about it? After spending decades on antiviral drugs, we have moved nowhere and it is best we learn from other countries where the infection is being treated using herbs. Can herbs really cure herpes? Is it true that neem cures herpes? What if I tell you that herbs and herbal medicines has actually saved lives of cancer patients who had no hope left in allopathic medicines? Not only cancer but herbs are these days saving lives of humans from diseases that are still incurable in allopathy. So, to answer the question whether or not neem cures herpes, let us first see the neem benefits for herpes. After this, if you feel that neem cures herpes, we will see how to use it in the best possible manner.

Neem cures herpes with its antiviral properties: The herb is rich in natural antiviral properties. Till the last decade, it was famous for its anti bacterial action. Several research studies indicated the same and everything from soaps to beauty products started including neem as an ingredient. However, in the last decade, scientists have researched a lot to study the impact of neem on various virus strands. Thankfully, neem showed strong antiviral action, strong enough to kill the herpes simplex virus. So, this is probably the reason due to which neem cures herpes. If you are on antiviral drugs and think they also do the same, you should think again. If they actually had the ability to kill the virus, why would you have to take them again and again? From where and how would the virus become alive all of a sudden sometime after stopping the doses? The truth is- allopathy is failed to find a solution for viruses. Be it herpes simplex virus or HIV, this science has no answer. So, better trust neem benefits for herpes and let its antiviral action completely heal you of the infection.

Neem is antiseptic in nature, this is why neem cures herpes: Almost every part of the tree, be it leaf or root or bark, is used as an antiseptic agent. This is the reason behind neem being referred to as the strongest natural anti infectant agent. And this is why it is a part of many medicinal and beauty soaps. However, you must be wondering how neem benefits for herpes with the anti septic properties. The most common symptom of herpes are cold sores and genital sores. These are already very painful. Adding to the pain is a secondary infection that develops easily on the open skin tissues. The antiseptic properties cone into action here. If you use neem oil on the cold sores, the sores will not only heal faster, but you will be left with no chances of developing any kind of infection on the sores. In fact, there are studies claiming that is you apply the herbal oil when the sores are in the initial stage, they would heal even before appearing on the skin. So, you can say that neem cures herpes because it is anti septic in nature.

The herbal tree is rich in anti inflammatory abilities: There is a lot of pain during herpes outbreak. If you have herpes, there is no need to explain how much difficult it is to deal with the itching and pain of fluid filled blisters. The doctors usually prescribe anti inflammatory medicines to control this. But, you can pass through a herpes outbreak while treating it and without bearing any pain. This is possible with the anti inflammatory properties neem possesses. So, as you can see, neem benefits for herpes are gradually making it a complete package for herpes cure. The doctor would prescribe different medicines to deal with different symptoms of herpes, but here, you are getting rid of almost every problem herpes creates with just one herb.

Neem boosts immunity, hence neem cures herpes: Neem is one of the herbs with immuno modulatory action. Immunity is a determining factor in herpes. If you have a strong immunity, you can stay herpes free even when the virus has already entered into your body. This is because the immune system is strong enough to block the replication of the virus. Without replicating and increasing in numbers, it is as good as dead. On the other hand, if you have a weak immunity, not only herpes but you are prone to all other diseases too. So, immmunity determines your health and neem influences your immunity naturally. By raising your immunity, you can hence lead a herpes free life with neem. This is going to take time, but since it is a herbs without any side effects, you can continue taking it until you get the desired results.

Neem shows promising results in dealing with any skin problems: Whether it is a bacterial infection, or we are dealing with the painful sores due to herpes outbreak, neem never lets you down. There are many antiseptic lotions and oral medicines that claim they can heal cold sores faster. But, the claims are far from reality. None of them really clear your skin as fast as neem can. Over and above that, repeated application of topical ointments on cold sores lead to darkening of skin. And this is not what we call a cure, right? We are exchanging one problem with another. This is probably one of the reasons for which neem cures herpes. Nothing can replace the role of neem for skin infections and thankfully, the same holds true for the impact of herpes on skin too.

With these neem benefits for herpes, anyone in America would love to use the magnificent herb, right? Yes, it indeed looks like a magic taking away all our problems. But, there is one hurdle. Now we know that neem cures herpes and there is no doubt about it. With the researchers from different corners of the world claiming the same again and again, it is widely accepted by pharma companies as well. However, not everyone knows that every product claiming to have neem cures herpes. Why? Simply because when we talk about herbal healing, this works only when we are able to preserve the natural medicinal abilities of the herbs.

Considering the popularity of neem benefits for herpes, several companies have started selling anything and everything on the name of neem. However, what you need to cure herpes is a 100% natural herb in its pure form. There are people who might have tried herbs and are not ready to believe that neem cures herpes. This is probably because what they used under the pretext of herbal treatment was either not at all natural, or its healing properties were destroyed because of some chemicals present. So, if you have herpes, trust me neem cures herpes and this time, grab a natural neem product. Talking about products, you can get neem oil, neem powder, and even tablets of neem. Now the question is what is the best way to use the herb so that one receives maximum neem benefits for herpes? Well, it is better you talk to a herbal doctor and get the right doses of the best product available. There are herbal doctors providing free online consultation. In case you find it problematic finding an herbalist in America, go for online consultation.

Stay happy, healthy and herpes free with the neem benefits for herpes listed above.


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