My Own Reviews Of Herpoveda- Six Months Of Using It

reviews of herpoveda

My Own Reviews Of Herpoveda – Last six months have made me forget what I felt like when I was diagnosed with herpes. Yes, it is the moment no one can ever forget, but, maybe I am lucky enough. The feeling of rejection takes over all your positive thought and the reports look like a certificate that you are no more a normal human being. Well, you can relate to it if you have herpes. Herpes symptoms differ from person to person, its type and site of infection also varies, but this feeling is universal. Rarely any herpes patient has the guts to accept it openly and not to worry about society. I am also just like the majority of herpes patients who were more worried probably because of the fact that I had herpes than for the infection and its symptoms. This is the reality of herpes. It is not a life-threatening infection, but yes, it is a life-ruining one. You cannot live normally, you cannot date someone you loved like anything, and you cannot do a lot many things you used to do. I also accepted all this as my destiny and was wasting my money on antiviral drugs until I realized that I was buying a slow poison which was actually making me more susceptible to herpes outbreaks.

This realization changed a lot of things. Yes, I struggled to manage my symptoms with a few herbs. Initially, I tried aloe vera. It definitely did magic to the cold sores and I could see them going in a few days. But the internal problems were still there. I was unable to reduce my the occurrences of herpes outbreaks, nor was I feeling confident enough. Yes, there were some health benefits that I noticed were clearly coming though this herb, but this was not enough. I started drinking green tea and this again helped me a bit. Life without antiviral drugs that were instantly effective was not easy, but the time when I had no outbreaks was much better. After completely saying no to all variants of Acyclovir and other drugs, I tried for about 3 months on different herbs. I even took them in combination, but frankly speaking, they were just helping me out. What I was looking for was a cure for herpes. A cure that would let me live a herpes free life. yes, I was safer now because I no more had to deal with the undesirable side effects of the drugs. I also was saving a considerable amount I earlier used to pay for regular doses of antiviral drugs. but, money was something I was least bothered about. Every morning I would wake up and think about getting a herpes free life.

When the herbs people claim can cure herpes turned out to be only a helping hand, I desperately started looking out for something better. At random times during the day, I used to search for the magical thing over the internet. I admit I also paid used a product that was completely ineffective. It was quite expensive one, but I bought it because I somehow wanted to get rid of the problem. Later on, I realized that this was a scam and many people like me were fooled. This left no hope in me, but my inner positive attitude kept telling me that one fine day you will get rid of it. At a time when I was about to go back to antiviral drugs, I wanted to give herbs a final chance. Yes, it was not easy dealing with herpes outbreaks without antiviral drugs, however, the improvements in health I was experiencing after leaving drugs was motivating me to keep hope with the same. Deep down in my heart, I knew I was getting relief but the intensity was not enough to stop the herpes simplex virus. If you have ever used herbs for treating herpes, you also might have had a similar experience. I remember it was a Saturday morning when I thought of finding some best herbs are making a formula for myself. Yes, it was a stupid idea because I knew nothing of herbs. But this definitely led me to “Herpoveda – the wonder solution for herpes”.

Yes, Herpoveda cures herpes and I have no doubts about it. Yesterday I completed six months of using what I call my wonder product and I am quite relaxed now. This is the thing that has helped me heal physically as well as emotionally. Today, I will share my experience with Herpoveda and revies of Herpoveda since the beginning of its use.

By now you know I was also as emotional as you or any other herpes patient on this planet when I got diagnosed. Like millions of others I have also put my health at risk by relying on antiviral drugs for too long only to realize later on that they cannot cure herpes. The only difference is that I got lucky to get my wonder product and today, I can happily announce that Herpoveda cures herpes. Blown into emotions, I have literally told you my entire journey of herpes, so, let us start with my experience with Herpoveda.

As you know I was also a victim of a scam, I was a bit skeptical about using Herpoveda. Like any other human being I thought about using it not once or twice, but at least 10 times. I wasn’t sure about whether Herpoveda cures herpes or not. However, my love for herbs and confidence in the ancient healing science pushed me to some extent. Also, the price of the product was not that high, and I ordered it after comparing its price to what I had spent on antiviral drugs. after all, it was a herbal product and herbs actually ware healthy. With all the doubts and hope in my mind, I just order Herpoveda. My experience with Herpoveda was initially full of doubts. For the first one month, I had a feeling that I was using yet another mild herb. However, things started changing when I continued the same practice for over two months. Yes, I had my first outbreak only two weeks after my experience with Herpoveda began, but it was only a two days episode.

Because my mind was still full of doubts, I just thought it was meant to be this way. Yes, I didn’t want to give credit to Herpoveda because it was too early to jump on a conclusion whether Herpoveda cures herpes or not. However, by the end of the second month, I started feeling energetic. An unknown positivity surrounded me and I started forgetting that I have herpes. I worked more efficiently. Still, I thought this is just in my mind. Yes, I used to have a herpes outbreak almost every month and this time it wasn’t there. I didn’t actually missed it, but wanted not to be happy so early. Today, I am in my seventh month and my experience with Herpoveda has forced me to write about it. I have had no herpes outbreaks except the short episode I had just at the beginning of my experience with Herpoveda.

Should I now say Herpovedacures herpes or still wait for some more time? I am not sure about it. But, the changes Herpoveda has bought in my life are quite convincing enough to use more and more of it. I think I have found my cure for herpes and I just wanted to let you people know that there is a way out to get rid of all your sufferings and it probably is in Herpoveda. Herpoveda is a combination of some medicinal herbs that are proven by science to be effective against the herpes virus. Yes, they are combined using the principles of Ayurveda, maybe to preserve the healing abilities of the herbs. One thing I was sure about was the effectiveness of herbs. I have used some of them and trust me, it is a better experience than antiviral drugs. However, I was doubtful during my initial experience with Herpoveda because I wasn’t sure about how the herbs were combined.

Yes, it makes a lot of difference and especially in herpes, you cannot compromise even over a small step. Thankfully, Herpoveda is made up taking care of all these aspects and that is the reason I have been living a herpes free life today. Yes, I didn’t say it in just one month of using it, I wasn’t ready to admit it even when I had no herpes outbreaks for two long months, but today, I certainly am sure about my wonder product. My experience with Herpoveda says that yes, Herpoveda cures herpes. You can also grab your cure for herpes if you really want to live a life I am living today- a healthy one, a happy one and most importantly- a herpes free life.

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    1. Nette says:

      How many times do you have to purchase this, if it’s a cure?!

      1. admin says:

        Two to three kits of Herpoveda usually cure herpes infection. However, you will have to be continuous on our medication. Taking our natural treatment infrequently may lead to longer time. Thank you

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